Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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The Nasty IRS and Me

The best thing for you and your wife is to die, and then their will two less Marxists contaminating our youth. You deserve everything you get, why? Because you are a pair GIANT LIBERAL ASSHOLES who clearly has spit on this county and it's foundations one too many times with LIES. This Irony is priceless.

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Speak out North Saint Paul

Post by Agitator » 26 May 2013, 14:23

The nasty IRS has fined my wife and I about $3,500. The fine was for filing a late return for our retirement business for the tax year 2010. We owed no taxes and we were too ill to file on time. A year ago we petitioned the IRS to have the fine removed. Our petition currently sits in the IRS's Cincinnati office without being processed. That is the same IRS office that is being hammered right now by the US Senate for targeting Tea Party groups. Our family doctor explained these medical reasons in a letter to the IRS: 1. 2010 February . Wife hospitalized with heart condition 2. 2010 June ...... Wife hospitalized with stroke 3. 2010 November Me hospitalized with open heart triple bypass surgery. 4. 2011 January ... Wife hospitalized with kidney condition 5. 2011 June ...... Wife hospitalized with stroke (#2) All during the relevant delay time, one of us was always bedridden and the other the care giver. I had asked our accountant to file an extension with the IRS. I was not aware of any problem.

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